June 28, 2018 By Heather Serdoz,

Shopify- a household name in the ecommerce world. It’s a small business owners dream, but big business are buying into the platform too. Why? Shopify has streamlined what it is to own an online store, providing users with a top-notch platform that still gives you all the bells and whistles without the large price tag and the option to add on as you go. The complete ecommerce solution allows you to set up online stores to sell your goods and comes with the ability to customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to all orders, all with a few clicks of a mouse.

One of the great things about Shopify is their library of themes, they all come with customized capabilities that suit each design. We’ve scoured said library and picked out a few of our favorites, below we organized them by their most prominent feature. Below you’ll find some of the coolest themes for content forward approaches, more minimal aesthetics, themes that have mastered parallax, are promotion focused and of course we had to add some free themes for all of our startup friends out there. Continue scrolling for inspiration.


  • Flow
    Flow is a sharp, minimalist design that puts your products front and center. It comes in three different styles- Byron, Queenstown, and Cannes, so you can capitalize on a style that truly works with your brand. This theme is designed and supported by WeTheme. They worked to create an innovative homepage builder that companies could tailor to their store's needs, adding video, products, collections, Instagram feeds, and more.

    Shopify Theme Flow Image via Shopify

    Made for every device, developed mobile-first, and designed to work perfectly on tablet and desktop. Flow is taking themes to the next level with responsive design and they’re looking really good doing it.

  • Handy
    Handy- a mobile-first theme, specifically designed for small screen experiences; this theme also comes with three styles- light, cool, and fresh. Edge-to-edge design, horizontal browsing, and a quick contact bar maximize the limited screen space. The clean lines and a simple navigation allow your customers to easily search your store for products, tags, and more.

    Shopify Theme Handy Image via Shopify

    This groundbreaking Shopify theme was built to convert mobile shoppers. Handy is designed and supported by Pixel Union, it’s time to enter a new age of ecommerce with a theme that puts mobile users first.

Content Forward

  • Icon
    Icon was created for visually striking brands with image-focused content. This particular theme is designed and supported by Underground and comes in three different styles- Dolce, Yves, and Christian.

    Shopify Theme Icon Image via Shopify

    A vibrant, image first design allows shops to show off some of their best assets if you will. This theme features slideshow capabilities, so you can showcase multiple products or brand images on your homepage. With content as the main focus this theme incorporated product quick view, now users can view product details in a pop-up, thus allowing them to stay on the current page. Now you can keep customers right where you want them without hindering their overall shopping experience.

  • Motion
    Motion lets you bring your brand to life with animation and video, this theme takes your content to the next level. Defined as a new class of Shopify themes, Motion uses smooth and elegant animation to make your products stand out like never before, designed to engage and delight.

    Shopify Theme Motion Image via Shopify

    This particular theme is designed and supported by Archetype Themes. Motion was built with three hero sections- large video, slideshow, and animated bold statements. Each section can be used interchangeably throughout your homepage depending on your current promotions. Content will take center stage no matter what medium you’re choosing to feature.

Parallax Effect

  • Pipeline
    If a minimalist design with parallax scrolling gets your creative heart pumping then Pipeline is probably right up your alley. Designed and supported by Groupthought, Pipeline taps into parallax technology to create animated depth effects as users scroll down a page. This theme was optimized for large images, so users can feel completely immersed in your site.

    Shopify Theme Pipeline Image via Shopify

    With Pipeline, you can showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store. Since this theme was built with a modular-style homepage you’re able to feature brand and product content.

  • Split
    Split was built for visual brands with a story to tell. This particular theme was optimized for large images, allowing brands to showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout the store. The vertical slideshow displays products, info, images or blog posts all on your homepage. Split is responsive, clean, simple and features parallax scrolling.

    Shopify Theme Split Image via Shopify

  • Parallax
    Enhance your brand’s style with a striking scrolling effect using the Out of the Sandbox theme, conveniently named Parallax. This Shopify theme offers a ton of flexibility and control along with a long-format home page and distinctive scrolling style that will help you tell your story in beautiful detail.

    Shopify Theme Parallax Image via Shopify

    Out of the Sandbox designs and develops award-winning, premium Shopify themes. Create an impact with full-width images, slideshows, and video and make use of the many homepage section options like logo lists, featured promotions and an image gallery. Dynamic and flexible, what more could you want?

Promotion Forward

  • Loft
    Loft- perfect for promotion-focused brands. This particular Shopify theme was built for large catalogs, ideal for stores with a ton of products. Featuring custom promotion tiles, you’re able to promote sales, discounts and featured products.

    Shopify Theme Loft Image via Shopify

    Designed and supported by Trailblaze Media, they focus on scaling Shopify stores through beautiful user experiences. Loft was created to mirror that image, the multi-level drop-down menu helps customers easily navigate your store while the story-focused product pages help you tell your product and brand story using additional text and images.


  • Jumpstart
    Looking to design your next crowdfunding campaign? Jumpstart was made for you. A free template supported by Shopify, Jumpstart is made specifically for crowdfunding graduates but is also perfect for selling a small catalog of products. Its homepage showcases a video and a features section and the built-in goal tracking tool allows you to monitor the progress of your campaign.

    Shopify Theme Jumpstart Image via Shopify

  • Boundless
    Does your brand lean towards a photography-first approach? If so, Boundless may be your next FREE Shopify theme. This theme features a minimal UI that highlights edge-to-edge photography, it’s mobile-first and suited for stores with medium to large catalogs.

    Shopify Theme Boundless Image via Shopify

  • Debut
    Debut is a fantastic FREE Shopify theme designed to showcase your brand and their products. Designed to be flexible, this theme is suitable for all stores, regardless of inventory size. With Debut you can set up a new store and start selling right away, without any theme customizations Debut is polished, ready and waiting.

    Shopify Theme Debut Image via Shopify

Wrapping this up

While we could go on forever, all good things must come to an end. Having only scratched the surface we think it’s fair to say Shopify has filled their theme library with some of the best ecommerce templates out there. If you’re looking to get your Shopify project off the ground and need a little help please reach out, we’d love to talk all things Shopify with you. Until next time.


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