July 19, 2018 By BJ Cook,

We are excited to welcome Ilya Shuster who will be taking on the role of Senior Project Manager at Digital Operative! Ilya has experience working in both the tech and finance industry; at his previous company he managed numerous projects and collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, as well as, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Ilya graduated from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology with a BA degree in Economics & Management and is now working toward obtaining his Masters degree in Information Systems from San Diego State University.

Ilya is a big sports fanatic in and out of the office; soccer, basketball, tennis, ping pong, you name it, he has played it all! If he is not playing sports he is supporting the Lakers on TV/live or enjoying some good classical rock music! Welcome to the team Ilya! ilya-4H4A3800 (1)

Let's get to know Ilya a little better with some rapid fire questions:
  • Favorite industry related website: TechCrunch.com
  • If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what site would that be? Google.com - it will give me all the info I need :)
  • Something you say frequently: Maybe (mostly as a joke)
  • iPhone or Android: Android
  • Favorite phone app: WhatsApp
  • First thing you do when you get to the office: Read emails and look at my schedule
  • How do you take your coffee: Black with cardamom
  • Fun fact about yourself: My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Hangout with family
  • Cats or Dogs: Dogs
  • What would you sing at Karaoke night: Any song by Queen
  • Do you have a nickname, what is it: My highschool friends just call me Shuster or Shus
  • What was your favorite childhood injury: Broke my thumb playing soccer and they had to put it back into place. Also, broke my wrist playing basketball when I was 18 and still tried to drive myself home on a manual transmission car
  • Which store (online or brick and mortar) would you like to max out your credit card: Guitar Center
  • Can you play any instruments? I play guitar and been trying to teach myself how to play cavaquinho
  • What's your favorite snack from the snack cart: Avocado is always a winner
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