August 28, 2018 By BJ Cook,

Kevin is joining Digital Operative as a Senior Magento Developer, with 10 years of experience working on Magento Kevin will be a key asset in our development team! The first website he built on the platform was back in 2007, since then he has worked in both agencies and e-retailers and has developed websites for political candidates.

Kevin holds a BS in Telecommunications from Michigan State University (our second MSU graduate here at DO!). Outside of work Kevin is a Cub Scout Den Leader, he likes to dabble in politics, workout, and is a big fan of college and professional football!

Welcome to the team, Kevin!

Kevin Brownlow

  • Website you visit the most: It’s got to be Wikipedia, I love starting off with a random topic and moving to different articles to learn new things!
  • iPhone or Android: iPhone! I didn’t know there was any other kind of phone around.
  • Favorite phone app: I love to play the card game Euchre, so my favorite app is called Euchre 3D.
  • Favorite industry related website: Stack Overflow
  • First thing you do when you get to the office: Check e-mail and Slack. Then grab coffee.
  • If you could have any job in the world, what would it be: Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, except for the current one.
  • How do you take your coffee: I keep it pretty simple, black.
  • Fun fact about yourself: We have a huge fish tank with many fish, a snake and bearded dragon living in the house.
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Watch College Football!
  • Cats or Dogs: I have both, so it really doesn’t matter.
  • What would you sing at Karaoke night: Probably one of my favorite grunge songs from the 90’s. Yes, I was a teenager then.
  • Do you have a nickname, what is it: I do not have a nickname.
  • If you had an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be: I love to grill, so having an unlimited supply of propane would be fantastic!
  • What was your favorite childhood injury: I survived childhood without any significant injuries. I didn’t have any broken bones
  • Which store (online or brick and mortar) would you like to max out your credit card: Amazon, I think they have anything you may want or need.
  • Can you play any instruments: I played the French Horn and Baritone in Junior High, but haven’t played an instrument in a long while.
  • What’s your favorite snack from the snack cart: Almonds or a Quest Protein Cookie
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