February 20, 2009 By Eric,
Optimizing your site using the right approach, Is the subject I'm going to broach. There are certain things you should implement during this process If you follow these basic steps, you should expect nothing less. Your site will optimize without a doubt, If you follow this route. Keywords and phrases is where you want to start. If you don't do your research, this is where you and I should part. Pick the ones that focus on your niche. General phrases will probably make a glitch Pick specific words that compete with fewer sites, Eventually you'll stop beating your head like you do most nights. Title Tags, Meta Tags and content should be a priority on your list. Whoever manages these things, you should threaten with your fist. Probably the most important factor in organic SEO. Pay no attention to this and I'm certain your site will be a no go. Keyword density should be between 3-5%. Avoid Keyword stuffing, that's what I meant. Your content should have a natural flow. Make sure you've added enough keywords though. Each page of your site should have its own Title Tag. This is not an area you want to treat like an old rag. Tags should be built around keywords specific to a page. Even Meta Tags count, even though it’s not all the rage. Inbound link development is an important step. Don’t fight this. It's something you should just accept. This is probably the most difficult and time consuming technique, But it’s a good long term strategy. Wink, wink! Factors that influence your rankings are, Relevancy of the site linking back to you shouldn’t be sub-par, And the anchor text to your sites link, Can surely make you sink. Do your research to partner with sites that will benefit you. You'll thank me once you realize this is not just a rue. Your goal is to increase the number of visitors and leads, By giving Google’s bot what it needs. The search engines top 10 ranking is where you want to be. It won’t happen by begging on your knees. Getting pages indexed in each major search engine is tough, But if you follow my steps, it might just be enough.

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