February 12, 2009 By Eric,
Valentines Day, yet again arrives. Since most us spend countless hours at our computers, I've come up with some interesting ways to express your love this year using social media. I even tried doing a few myself.
  1. Write a 12 second love song. Record it and post it on 12 seconds.

  2. Build a Facebook application and auction yourself off for a romantic date on February 14th.
  3. Create a Social Media Treasure Hunt - Each clue leads you to the next, but this way all your friends/followers will be able to see if he or she makes it to the end. Get creative with the clues and don't skimp on the final treasure
  4. Create a "How am I doing dear?" application - get feedback from your loved ones about how you are as a lover. I advise only doing this if you can take the heat! Apply what you've learned to making the evening perfect. Perhaps you could take this a step further by applying those skills to your everyday romantic life. Just a thought.
  5. Write her or him a love poem as your blog post for February 14Haiku: Your love feels amazing Thinking about it my hair starts frizzing Happy Valentines Day!
  6. Setup a Facebook Group and create an event where you propose to your sweetie and invite all your friends, online and offline. Be confident you'll get a yes. This could really backfire!
  7. Set up a poll on your blog with profiles of the girls/boys you are interested in. Have your friends/followers rate and vote who you should ask out. Majority wins!
  8. Do a slance video! Otherwise known as a Sexy-Love-Dance video and post it on Facebook. Tag your lover/admirer to let them know. Make sure it's suitable for all ages.
  9. Valentwine - Use this great twitter application to check the compatibility between you and your twitter friends/followers.
  10. Take a picture of you with a sign held up that says, "I love you. Will you be my valentine?" Post it on Flickr.

As you can see, the long hours we spend on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and all the other million sites out there that we play on can be utilized on Valentines day. So, for the many of you who sit and ponder about what to get her/him this year, you don't have to anymore. The skills you use everyday to connect with people can be harnessed to express your love this Valentines Day.

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