June 25, 2010 By BJ Cook,
smbsd_ford_fiesta So when we were thinking of what June's topic was going to be, I received an email from Holiday Matinee featuring a local artist's work done for some Ford campaign. I was immediately enamored  by this concept. So I reached out to Dave Brown, we met up and the rest is history. Isn't all social media just storytelling anyway? This was a great story about how this event came about. Gotta love the digital platform for this email newsletter to email correspondence to offline meeting at coffee shop to real event conversion path! Four months ago, Ford Motor Company gave Dave Brown and his buddy Zack Nielsen (of Sezio) a 2011 Ford Fiesta, a gas card, a fully loaded Macbook Pro and a Canon SLR. The only catch was they had to spend Ford’s money on a variety of creative missions all over San Diego. Fast forward four months months and they've successfully promoted multiple independent businesses, added art to a local neighborhood, threw a massive concert for an unsigned band, designed a clothing line for pro athletes and made a short film highlighting their amazing city. In total, they've logged 15,000 miles and pumped over $50,000 into San Diego. Thanks Ford, Dave Brown and Zack Nielsen for sharing this story. Check out the Fiesta Movement website There are currently 35 confirmed and 15 maybes, so the space is filling up quickly. RSVP here.

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