August 11, 2014 By BJ Cook,
ContestCore is the ultimate online customer engagement “multi-tool”. Its most attractive features include ease-of-use, flexible customization options and analytics. We've put together a list of the top 8 reasons to use ContestCore as the solution to your next online contest and campaign needs:
  1. Let Your Customers Spread The Word; Your customized contest has a built-in viral sweepstakes along with incentives for sharing, so participants do the heavy lifting.
  2. Full Design Control; No limitations or out-of-the-box templates, just the freedom to design your contest as you want it.
  3. Deploy Your Contest Everywhere; From a Facebook tab, a microsite with a custom domain, or embedding it in another website, all the way to desktops, tablets and mobile.
  4. Robust And Intuitive Dashboard; With your dashboard, you can view the status of your contest, see trends occurring over time and track participation in real-time.
  5. Complete Security And Privacy; With Fraud detection, IP blacklisting, HTTPS and cookie requirements you don’t have to worry about anyone gaming the system.
  6. Social, Social, Social; You will have built-in sharing mechanisms across all major social media channels. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and even a meme generator.
  7. Responsive; The way it should be. Whether your contest is viewed on tablet, desktop or mobile, your customers won’t have to “pinch and zoom” to participate.
  8. Activity Tracking and Judging; You have full capability to track contest activity. You can track hours, participants, activities of customers, judges and votes.
Now that you know the reasons why you should use Contestcore, check out the 3 unique customer engagement packages created to combine the powerful features along with strategy and marketing support from us, at Digital Operative: Active Lifestyle
  • Track Hours, Participants, and Activities of Customers
  • Share Your Customers Adventures Socially
  • Co-Sponsor Events That Match Your Strategy
  • Spread Viral Infographic of Results
Brand Booster
  • Develop Target Audience and Brand Strategy
  • Create Brand Loyalty Contest and Rewards
  • Collect Brand Positive Photos and Story Sharing
  • Align With Philanthropic Causes That Reinforce Brand
Product Influencer
  • Empower Customers to Endorse Your Product
  • Cultivate Influencers and Grassroots Ambassadors
  • Launch Viral Campaign For New Product
  • Elevate Unique Product Stories With Content Marketing
To find out more on pricing and features, visit or email

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