September 8, 2014 By BJ Cook,
Active lifestyles can be taxing not only on the body, but time, money and equipment, so it’s essential to maximize performance while reducing the risk of injury. That’s why Digital Operative is happy to announce working with a start-up company that has learned how to balance the essentials of an active lifestyle.  Portable, lockable and waterproof – KarmaRu’s durable foam rollers set the standard as a reliable, healthy and convenient addition to your pre and post workout to relieve muscle tension. With their Kickstarter page up and running, KarmaRu is setting its sights on providing athletes, from casual to professional, the following tenets: Roll- As a major contributor to muscle wellness, the foam roller can stretch your muscles to keep them nimble and ready for anything. Though it may appear simple, its effects are present in everything an athlete does to actively stay in shape. KarmaRu's foam roller also has the added benefit of an in-depth pattern that can provide firm or soft pressure for whatever the body needs. Carry- Having a roller that you can take wherever you go ensures that you’re active routine is never far behind. Thanks to its stretch strap attachment and its light frame, the KarmaRu can be carried anywhere.  Any athlete with an on-the-go mentality will enjoy the easy convenience of putting this over their shoulders and heading out the door. Lock- Like you’ve never seen before. Put your belongings in the foam roller and know that they will be secure. Anything from phones, wallets, and keys can be locked in one.  And don’t short sell it. This foam roller is waterproof, so feel confident knowing your valuables are not just safe but protected from the elements. The message behind KarmaRu’s innovation is that many muscle injuries are preventable. But sometimes it’s a little too easy to gloss over in respect to everything else that goes on in an active lifestyle. Dustin Townsend, the founder of KaramRu, knows from years of experience in athletic training that the convenience of his product will change your lifestyle for the better, as he “saw the value first hand in using them pre and post workout.” Check out KarmaRu on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with the success of the  campaign and if you feel a life well balanced is a life well lived, check out KarmaRu on Kickstarter and pledge today! If you would like our help starting your own Kickstarter campaign, get to know us here and what we can do to turn your idea into a brand.

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