January 27, 2015 By BJ Cook,
“A picture says a thousand words” and that’s why Instagram is the best social platform for visual content. One picture can say a lot about your brand in just the few seconds that a follower is scrolling through their feed. Since Instagram began in 2010 it has grown to over 300 million active users. Did you know that’s more active users than Twitter? Since we just attended Outdoor Retailer Winter Market - it got us thinking...what are some of our favorite outdoor brands on Instagram? We’ve done some research and have put together a list of our top 5.
Mountainsmith @mountainsmith
Their Tagline on Instagram is “We make stuff that makes your life in the mountains just a little easier.” And by looking at all of their pictures, it shows exactly what they are about. Our favorite part about Mountainsmith’s instagram is that they use consumer generated content. They are generating great Instagram posts and engaging with consumers by showing they care about people who are embracing their brand. Mountainsmith Instagram
Mission Bicycle @missionbicycle
Mission Bicycle is a custom built bike shop in San Francisco. Their Instagram account speaks to who they are in every picture. They are post after post of different custom built bikes. They stay true to who they are while promoting a great business. So for all the bike enthusiasts they show one beautifully built bike after another. And we love the consistency. Mission Bicycle Instagram
Westcomb @westcomb
One of our favorite brands on Instagram. They are everything Outdoors. If we’ve ever seen an instagram account that inspires you to hit the outdoors, it’s this one. Westcomb combines the beauty of the outdoors with consumer engagement -- Showing off their consumers who are personally devoted to their own #humanpoweredadventures. Westcomb Instagram
Patagonia @patagonia
Patagonia does an amazing job at using consumer generated content by filling their Instagram with images from their Tumblr account as well as images that are tagged by Patagonia slinging outdoor enthusiasts. Besides using consumer generated content - they do a great job at promoting other social channels through their Instagram, including Tumblr and their Youtube channel. Patagonia Instagram
Evolv @evolvusa
Evolv is “Passionate about climbing and the climbing lifestyle.” In every single Instagram post you can tell what this brand is and what they stand for. Every image relates to climbing, and Evolv as a company. They as well show consumer generated content, but they take it to the next level and show their support for consumers who have hit a roadblock or two. And showing a genuine support of these consumers is why they are one of our favorites. Evolv Instagram Take note from some of our favorite outdoor brands on Instagram -- whether you are a brand looking to create a bigger Instagram presence or looking for inspiration for your next outdoor adventure. Be sure to follow these brands and take note of their genuine messages and user generated content. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you create an online presence unparalleled to any other, our marketing team is ready to make you stand out! What are some of your favorite outdoor brands on Instagram?

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