April 30, 2015 By BJ Cook,
2015 has already been a busy year for us at Digital Operative, and we continue to add to the team. We would like to welcome Chato RamirezĀ into his new role as Senior Developer, based in ourĀ San Diego, CA. office.

Meet Chato Ramirez:

I began my professional career in 2005 as a digital designer, providing creative direction for a Swiss watch company. In 2006 I decided to make a career shift and began developing online stores for an ecommerce agency in San Diego. I quickly learned I could apply my design knowledge during the development process to provide a better final solution for my clients. After 9 years in the ecommerce industry working across several platforms and with every type of client, I have been involved in building and maintaining hundreds of successful online businesses. Let's get to know Chato a little better with RAPID FIRE:
  • Website You Visit The Most: Whiskeymilitia.com

  • iPhone or Android: Android

  • Favorite Phone App: Google Now

  • Favorite Industry related Website: Stackoverflow.com

  • If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what site would that be? Quora.com

  • Something you say frequently: "NO".. to my 2 year old daughter

  • First thing you do when you get to the office: Check my email

  • If you could have any job in the world, what would it be: I love what I do now

  • How Do you take your coffee: Frozen, in ice cream

  • Fun Fact about yourself: I once rode a bike from San Francisco to San Diego

  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Surf in the morning and hang out with my wife and daughter all afternoon
If you're interested in joining the DO family, check out our job listings here.

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