Where does Email Marketing Stand

Is Email Really Dead?

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In short: absolutely not. And if you are one who thinks it is on the downhill path, think again. Email marketing is extremely effective and it is here to stay. Businesses that choose to not spend the time or money on email marketing are losing out on a huge portion of potential profits. Why might you ask? Here are just a few reasons.


Connecting and building relationships with customers is so important in today’s world. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms for making those interactions, so why bother adding email to the list? Email marketing is a great strategy to acquire those connections and relationships, while making sure each message is personalized and reaches the customer directly.

When a customer feels valued by a company they are more likely to take their business there, which is why personalization is so important. Simply adding the customer’s name to a message will make them feel more worthy than receiving a conventional email. Also, differentiating your company’s email list into sections will help keep messages personalized to each customer’s personal taste. Compiling those with similar interests into their own list will help with sending only the relevant messages to each potential buyer.

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I’m sure it has happened to you, as it has happened to everyone. You were online shopping, added some items to the cart, and then decided to not buy them for one reason or another. Later on, you received an email reminding you of your recent cart additions. You probably went back onto the website, shopped around some more, and completed your purchase. This is all about retargeting; a great influential tool to bringing customers back to your site. Just a simple, yet specifically targeted reminder to draw the potential buyer’s attention will bring in more traffic to your website and results in more purchases.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is extremely affordable in the realm of marketing investments. In fact, each message costs just pennies to make. What can be better than that? Nothing? Think again. Not only is it incredibly cheap to send emails, but also it is also incredibly effective. According to an article on Campaign Monitor, email marketing generates $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. Now, if you don’t see that being beneficial, I think you may have lost your mind.

Marketing Tactics for 2015

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Brand Awareness

Almost everyone uses email and people are constantly checking their inboxes for new messages. According to McKinsey & Company, 28% of the time employees are at work is spent checking and working on emails, so why not maximize on this time? Even if the message is not opened, putting your company’s name in front of the customer keeps your company in mind for later. Plus, what’s there to lose since they’re quick to make at practically no cost.

The arguments over email marketing need to come to an end. While above are only a few reasons, it is still clear that email marketing should not be overlooked. With such clear, positive results, there should be no question whether the implementation is worth the cost. Feel free to contact us to find out how to improve your email marketing strategy.

The 2016 Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics Recap

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As the Rio 2016 Olympics come to a close, we’re looking back on a great run for the USA, jam-packed with tons of memorable moments to recall for years to come. From the historic “double Simone” win with 19-year-old gymnast Simone Biles becoming the best gymnast in the world to 20-year-old swimmer Simone Manuel becoming the first African American woman to win an individual medal in swimming. From 19-year-old Katie Ledecky setting world records in women’s swimming, to meeting Michael Phelps’s newborn son Boomer, and who can forget Ryan Lochte dying his hair platinum blonde and then lying about being robbed?

With such an eventful run, it’s no surprise that the Olympics had a major impact on social media. With the 2016 Games being the first Olympics to take place in this era of increased virtual engagement through multiple viewing platforms, the numbers for viewer engagement were expected to skyrocket in comparison to the 2012 London Olympics. From multiple Snapchat filters and stories dedicated to the Games to Twitter exploding over popular Olympians, it was an exciting time to be in the loop! Each day brought about new trends and events to talk about.

Snapchat for the olympics

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For starters, the top three countries which engaged the most in social media for the 2016 Rio Olympics were Brazil, Russia, and the USA, in that order. This includes every single Instagram post, tweet, Youtube video–anything that shows users actively engaging with the 2016 Rio Olympics. Many popular brands jump at the chance to sponsor the Olympics each time because of its international audience. Some of the most mentioned brands this year included Samsung, Nissan, and McDonald’s. This didn’t come without a cost, however–it can cost up to $200 million for a four-year corporate sponsorship slot.

most mentioned olympic advertisers

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Many of the Olympians themselves also took to social media to further expand their fan base and take advantage of the many opportunities for direct audience interaction. Simone Biles used Twitter and Instagram to keep her fans updated as she increased her medal count and rose to Olympic fame–and also won the hearts of many when her celebrity crush and millennial heartthrob Zac Efron paid a visit to the women’s gymnastics team. And the Internet absolutely lost it over photos of legendary sprinter Usain Bolt’s smiling and relaxed face during one of the three races he won a gold in (and you can bet that it instantly became a meme).


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It is intriguing to look at the social media engagement in this year’s games: with social media usage at an all time high and the average Olympian age resting at 27, the 2016 Rio Olympics had an overall more modern and contemporary feel as fans were able to track the journeys of the Olympians, starting from the very beginning with their training and trials.

While the flame that lit the Olympic torch has now been put out, the fervor surrounding the Games this year will continue to stick around as always. This has truly been a groundbreaking year for Team USA, and only time will tell us what’s in store for 2020. Here at Digital Operative, we’re always keeping an eye out for marketing trends in popular culture. Contact us for all your online and social media marketing needs!

Snapchat for Marketers

There’s a Snap for That

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Navigating the World of Branding Through Snapchat

If you’re not already familiar with and using Snapchat, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. What used to be thought of as a teen centric social medium, is now a brand marketer’s dream. There truly is no better way to advertise with the complete engagement of viewers. In fact, users aren’t just interacting with your brand, they’re also marketing it for you! In the world of marketing, it really doesn’t get much better. Many advertisements nowadays are seen as an interruption, not an enjoyment. But not Snapchat. They’ve truly changed the game.

B2C Marketing: Personal Interactions

If your brand is focusing on marketing directly to the consumer, Snapchat is something you definitely need to consider, at the least. Through Snapchat, businesses can choose to sponsor ads, geofilters and lenses.

Snap Ads are 10 second videos that promote your brand. You can add interactive features, such as swiping up to receive an extended video, article, or anything else you see fit for the advertisement.

Netflix Snapchat ad

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A geofilter is great for marketing as well. Users can swipe through various geofilters after taking their picture. Many of these are location base so they are especially great for promoting storefronts and business locations.


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A lense is an interactive special effect in real time. Users are able to see the special effect as soon as they open the lense to take the picture. Even before a picture is taken, users can can play around with the lense, giving your brand as much face time as possible. These 3 marketing options offer a fun way to connect with and promote to potential consumers, which is much better received than interruptive advertisements.

Dog Snapchat Filter

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The return on investment is obviously important when it comes to marketing a brand. While finding the ROI of Snapchat is hard to track and there are no tools to to assist, there are clear indications that using Snapchat as a marketing tool is beneficial. Focusing on the numbers we do have access to is a great way to confirm how beneficial snapchat can be. To start, there are 100 million active viewers everyday, which includes 41% of all 18- 34 year olds in the U.S. That’s a lot of people you are able to easily reach, in just one day! As far as Snap Ads go, they have 5 times higher click through rates than ads on similar platforms. Geofilters usually reach between 40%- 60% of users in the United States, and sponsored lenses get an average of 20 seconds of play time. That play time doesn’t even count the amount of time other users are spending watching their friends snapchats with the lense.

There are so many ways to reach users through snapchat, and all a business has to do is produce something users want to take advantage of. These Snapchat features provide a much more intimate interaction with the consumer, as they let them have fun and enjoy the company’s promotion. Plus, if your company chooses to advertise with a Snapchat filter or lense, users are basically marketing for you by sending out pictures or videos with your brand on it. What more could you ask from a potential customer?

Gatoraid Snapchat ad

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While there are no ways to tell the exact ROI right now, you can have peace of mind knowing your business in on the top of everyone’s minds. And that in itself is a great thing for any company. So trust the numbers, trust your instincts, and dive in!

Snapchat keeps taking steps in the right direction, especially for marketers. The company continues to introduce great features to connect businesses to consumers. Marketing on this platform is still new for everyone, but it is important to take advantage of Snapchat marketing while you can. Businesses are quickly realizing the popularity and success through this social platform and prices are rising fast. Making your brand known through platforms that draw the user’s attention is rare. While most advertisements cause an undesired break in your activity, like commercials, Snapchat provides extra entertainment. Make marketing effective for you and amusing for the consumer. Contact Digital Operative for a quote on how to improve your marketing strategies.


BlogHer 2016

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One week out of BlogHer and I’m still soaking it all in, was that real life? In short- yes! A week ago I sat down in a room with hundreds of creative individuals to talk all things content. From getting your content discovered in search all the way to Snapchat best practices, we covered quite a bit. Three days really wasn’t enough time and the hour long panels only scratched the surface of their topics. I could have sat there for hours picking the brains of all of the great speakers. They talked to us about passion projects, their personal trials and failures and of course that “ah-ha!” moment.

A Few Key Moments

  1. First SMG…. nough said. Sarah Michelle Gellar, for those of you who aren’t use to speaking in acronyms, graced us with her presence as our morning keynote speaker. The brilliant mother is on a mission to bring people together through the art of baking… for the modern individual. To all of my toast burners out there, you can do this! She’s joined forces with two other moms and created Foodstirs a company that specializes in quick-from-scratch mixes. With wholesome ingredients and an honest mission SMG is juggling a business, raising two great kids and working on a Cruel Intentions reboot. That last bit was insider info so- shhh. She left us with this lasting bit of advice- “Stop worrying about your legacy, enjoy the moments”- SMG
  2. What was for lunch you ask? Well I’ll tell you this, SheKnows and BlogHer do not disappoint. Lunch started with Sheryl Crow and ended with Kim K… as in Kardashian. Both women are absolutely brilliant there is no denying that, no matter your stance on reality TV or taste in music.
  3. Sheryl talked about how life started over for her after her breast cancer diagnosis. She wanted to remind us to advocate for our own health and really start to look at what we put into our bodies. Sheryl had powerful message she closed with- “For us to have peace in the world we have to manifest peace within ourselves.” I’ll just let that sit there for a while.
  4. Kim reminded us that the haters will always be there no matter what avenue life leads you down. She talked to us about mentorship, entrepreneurship having a sense of humor. Remember Kim isn’t just a reality TV star, she co-owns DASH with her sisters, has a hand in developing a handful of apps and works a ton of projects on the side. She’s a business woman through and through. I’ll leave you with this piece of advice Kim hopes to pass off to her kids- “I hope they see that everyone makes mistakes and as long as you grow from them you’re doing okay.” – Kim K.

The Panel Round Up

The only downfall to attending BlogHer 2016 alone is not being able to sit in on every panel. This was when some hard decisions had to be made. Ultimately as a content marketer for the agency I sat in on the panels that would make for the most effective use of the agency’s time as well as my own. Without further ado…

SEO: Get Your Content Discovered in Search – There was literally so much information given during this panel. We didn’t just talk about basic SEO planning, but dove into creating a content marketing strategy that works for you, your clients and most importantly those you want to target. Our panelists stressed the importance of not being afraid of making changes because you’re worried about messing up your SEO rankings. Remember you can always change it back. The panel also touched on Google answer boxes, increasing your page authority and how to get the most out of evergreen content.

Grow Your Influence with a Social Media Strategy and Plan – You’ve got to start with your community, get to know your audience. The panel couldn’t have stressed more about getting to know your readers, consumers and loyal followers. Yolonda Spinks reminded us that our analytic tools should be doing the hard work for us. Let analytics tell you when your readers are most active and then utilize social planning platforms and schedule out all of your posts in advanced. For the majority of us this should sound pretty familiar. But it doesn’t stop there, you’ve got to find out what medium your audience likes to absorb content in. Is it video? Articles? Tweets? Vlogs? Give the people what they want. This may mean a little more research, but your end results will be worth it.

I left feeling inspired, empowered and excited about how I could take all of this great information and apply it to my daily tasks here at Digital Operative. Needless to say I’m already pumped for BlogHer 2017! As always reach out, get in touch or follow us on social and let us know how we can help you on your journey through content marketing.  

Pokemon GO

When Old Meets New: Tapping into the Pokemon Craze

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You have probably seen the direct effects of Pokemon Go without even realizing it. Maybe you often see people walking around, not looking up from their phones, swiping furiously, pointing in different directions – they’re looking for a nearby Pokemon they’ve located on their map. Or perhaps you see a bunch of people crowded around a random fountain, sitting down on their phones – it’s probably a Pokestop. Maybe you’re driving with a friend and they suddenly yell at you to slow down in the middle of an intersection so they can catch a Charizard (or maybe that’s just my friends).

You’ve probably seen the articles about how the app has taken the world by storm. And, just like the rest of us, you’re probably wondering how all of this happened quite literally overnight. The immense success of Pokemon Go provides us with an opportunity to look at the unique factors at play in the game’s marketing, and how it can even serve as a new marketing medium for other businesses.

Utilizing a cross-generational audience

One important overarching factor which may have contributed to Pokemon Go’s success is the fact that the franchise was able to appeal to multiple generations. While current fans of Pokemon were the typical target audience, the app also had another fan base backing them up: the previous generation of Pokemon fans who grew up with the franchise and felt nostalgic about it upon the app’s release. Because of this, the app was able to attract downloads from people who fell outside of the usual gamer audience and thus generated more momentum. By playing on nostalgia and fan loyalty, Pokemon Go took advantage of two unique factors that are not always available in this particular market.

Pokemon Go

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Easy accessibility

A second component of this overnight phenomenon is the fact that Pokemon Go is available as a mobile app, and because smartphones have become the norm, this made the game readily accessible to a large majority of the world’s population. People who normally wouldn’t partake in gaming now have the option to simply download the app and take it with them wherever they go–it does not require any extra equipment or lengthy instructions to follow and learn. Our mobile-friendly society quickly accepted Pokemon Go into their collection of apps and mobile games.

The influence of social media

Social media has played a huge role in further promoting Pokemon Go after its release. The app has since garnered a significant amount of press, both good and bad, and created a name for itself as an overall family friendly game that encourages people to get outside–albeit still with their faces glued to a phone screen–and explore their surroundings. The app can attribute a significant portion of its success to simply word of mouth and peer influence: when people who normally would not download the game see their friends playing it, they feel more inclined to do the same, at least to see what the hype is all about.

Pokemon Go Tweet

Image via WorldStar.


So how has Pokemon Go managed to also transform local and even global marketing? Because the game relies on real life locations, small businesses, retail stores, and public spaces can take advantage of the increased number of customers they may receive each day simply because there might be a Pokemon in the store, or by taking matters into their own hands and placing “lures” in their store. Yelp has developed their own filter to show where the closest Pokestops are, and T-Mobile has offered free data to customers who use the app.

Pokestop Yelp Filter

Image via iMore


Pokemon Go has truly surpassed our expectations and became the newest sensation sweeping across every single nation. What do you think the next nostalgic revival will be? Here at Digital Operative, we’re always looking into the latest trends. Make sure to contact us today for a quote!

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