Digital Marketing Strategy Summit: October 21-23

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Hey, wait a minute! You’re saying I have to make a decision?! It’s like trying to decide what restaurant to go to, there are a lot and they are everywhere. When deciding what conference is best suited for you, you must ask yourself these questions: Do I go to the closest city? Or, do we travel across the world? Do we go with the cheapest? Or, do I need more value? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should attend the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit: October 21-October 23, in sunny San Diego.

1.  It’s In Beautiful Downtown San Diego, Duh!

As if the educational components and networking opportunities aren’t enough, you’ll have the excuse to take a business trip to the best weather in the world. The conference is located downtown at the Westin San Diego. Not only do you have panoramic views of the San Diego Bay, the Coronado Bridge and the downtown skyline, but you can dive right into the Gaslamp Quarter from your hotel. I forgot to mention the networking reception with a free open bar! You will have the education of a lifetime in a beautiful city.

2. Speakers Are Crazy Good!

To be the best you must surround yourself with the best. This star studded line-up includes many industry leaders. Immerse yourself, engage, listen and learn from CEO’s, CMO’s, SVP’s, Directors, authors and experts in their space and prepare for the education for the ultimate edge! Tacks include strategy, analytics and data, customer relationship management and social and technology.

3. Get More Bang For Your Buck At The 3 Day Conference

Have you ever signed up for that conference that just never seemed to end? You know, the one that lasted for twelve hours a day with minimal breaks. Yeah, this one isn’t that! You will have three days to mix, mingle and rub shoulders with those who are well respected in the industry. By the way, none of the days will have more than eight hours of speaking time.

4. Build Relationships and Measure the Results

There is no better time than now to learn how to manage your corporate character in the digital space. Not only will you be creating a seamless customer journey, but you will be able to restructure your organization for the evolving digital customer. The agenda offers more than 20 leading case studies. With the skill set you acquire here, you will enhance your customer relationships through the online brand communities.

5. The Agenda

The agenda offers more than 20 leading case studies. With the skill set you acquire here, you will enhance your customer relationships through the online brand communities. There are topics that cover how marketing and IT can work together to create and execute a digital strategy, how to turn your employees into social media ambassadors, how to restructure your organization for the digital age, how to mine analytics and data and much more!

And because you are a part of the DO friends and family circle: If you’re interested in this event then click here to register and receive a 15% discount. Do not miss out – this event will sell out! We will be there and we hope to see you there, too!

apple pay

Apple Pay – Good for eCommerce?

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Last week, Apple made their September announcement. They revealed their iPhone 6/6 Plus and the Apple Watch — read our take on it here. The most fascinating part of these devices though, is that they are going to come equipped with Apple Pay.

What is Apple Pay?

Single touch payment that is stored in your Passbook on the iPhone and Apple Watch. As stated on the website “Apple Pay will change how you pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into the devices you have with you every day. So you can use your iPhone 6 to pay in an easy, secure, and private way.”

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How To Use it?

With Apple Pay, an iPhone 6 owner will be able to check out at a register by holding their phone up to a wireless pay terminal with their fingerprint on the sensor, activating Apple’s Touch ID technology. Or they will be able to use the online version and click “Apple Pay” at checkout, and a subtle vibration will let you know that your payment was successful.

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Why Is Apple Pay Big News?

With the mobile shopping becoming more successful and more of a natural way for people to shop, Apple Pay will make it easier for consumers to buy at their fingertips. No more excuses of not having their credit card at the ready. If you are shopping on your phone you are going to have your credit card available.

What does it mean for ecommerce companies?


This could mean many things for ecommerce companies. Maybe it’s where shopping cart abandonment rates start to decrease or maybe it’s going to cause an influx in impulse buying. What about Black Friday Shopping? With last year 39.7% of all online traffic coming from mobile devices — we can almost guarantee that more consumers will shop on their mobile devices with the ease of Apple Pay. Our Director, Digital Marketing, Alvaro Martinez states:

“Year over year Apple users have quickly migrated over to the new iPhone once it becomes available. From an eComm perspective, this year Apple Pay represents the last piece to the puzzle to last years Touch ID introduction. Combined with the fact that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus market penetration will be the greatest of all Apple products, and that Apple Pay is being integrated by a number of merchants, including Macy’s, McDonald’s, Sephora, Subway and Walgreens, its impact could be felt quickly. 

Yes, Apple will now have control over users hardware, software and payment source, but ultimately, consumers will be the ones in control. If they choose Apple Pay in mass, then the merchants will have no choice but to follow.”  

Almost all major credit cards and banks are currently participating and joining forces with Apple, allowing over 220,000 stores to accept Apple Pay (starting in October), with even more stores in cue.

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We think Apple Pay is going to be a huge benefit to our ecommerce clients – one thing we know for sure, is that consumers like an easy and seamless shopping process. And that’s what Apple Pay is going to provide for them.

Digital Operative Strategy and planning

Optimization and Testing: What’s Your Problem?

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We all have problems, which can certainly be annoying, but they aren’t always a bad thing. Problems, especially when talking about website optimization, can be opportunities for improvement. And that’s exactly what our Strategy & Planning department professes: site optimization projects should always start with a problem.

You may have encountered someone who or maybe you yourself have read a list of tests ideas and immediately wanted to run a battery of random tests, and I assure you, this isn’t optimal. Firstly, you might solve some cosmetic glitch but you won’t likely solve the underlying issue. Secondly, websites, consumers, industries, etc. are all a different, so whatever solution worked for one company might not (and likely won’t) work for you.

Starting with a problem works, and it is done by discovering the weakest points on your site, prioritizing which are the most critical, fully developing tests around those weak points, optimizing that area until it is no longer the weakest, and moving to the next weakest point.

Well, how do you identify your site’s weak areas? Again, it’s not from opinion, suggestion, or a hunch, it’s from data. Use a combination of site analytics and user testing to determine your problems areas and their severity. Site analytics alone won’t uncover everything. Data, qualitative and quantitative together, will fully uncover your weak points.

Proper analysis will likely unearth a great number of problems, but you won’t be able to test everything, certainly not all at once, so next you’ll need to prioritize your possibilities. There are several ways to do this. One might be finding tests that have a balance between the highest impact and the lowest difficulty. Whichever problem floats to the top, start with that one.

Now that you’ve identified your site’s problem areas and sorted them by importance, its best to fully conceptualize the other necessary parts of a test, such as KPI (key performance indicator) and hypothesis/es. Thankfully, this is easily done when starting with the problem–those metrics are inherently contained in the problem that you’re solving for.

Finally, with the problems started and sorted and measures of success developed, start testing. Keep in mind too, that tests themselves might have weak areas. A good experimenter will understand the flaws and limitations of their tests, and if deemed important enough, might run a second round based on previous findings.

In summary, when starting a round of website optimization:

  • First, use data to uncover weak points in your users’ path
  • Second, prioritize these weak points based impact vs. ease
  • Third, develop key metrics such as hypothesis and KPI(s) for each test
  • Fourth and lastly, implement the tests, uncover findings, test again if necessary. Repeat the process until you have zero problems (which will be never).

So what’s your problem? Contact us and let’s get started.

Digital Operative Careers

Become the Next DOer – We’re Hiring

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We are an award winning full service digital agency, and we offer our employees insane perks: Unlimited vacation/Sick time, Volunteer hours, company outings, fully stocked kitchen and more. If you looking for a job as a Project Manager, Magento Developer or UX designer, you can stop the search because we have the perfect job for you.

Magento Developer

As a Magento Developer, you will be expected to be passionate and energetic about cutting edge technologies. Not only will you learn existing methodologies, but you will be implementing your own know-how to ensure that DO is producing the best-in-class technologies on all of its products. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, as you will work with web, mobile and ecommerce. You are expected to work collaboratively with system engineers, back-end developers and user experience designers throughout the process. Click here to apply.

Project Manager

The Project Manager has an eye for detail, always considers a client’s goals, a capacity to juggle schedules and the passion for setting the right expectations. Your day-to-day activities could include: writing business and technical requirements, reviewing/altering multiple project schedules, and project planning with clients and internal teams. The Project Manager will also be responsible for working with cross-functional team members and ensuring projects get delivered on-time and on-budget. This role will be split 60% between technology and 40% to marketing. Click here to apply.

UX Designer

Create user centered designs while balancing the fine line between business goals and intimate understanding of the user and their needs. Create high fidelity wireframes, low fidelity prototypes, user flows and user personas. Work closely with cross functional teams and collaborate with designers and developers to create the best user experience possible. Advocate for the user in all phases of design. Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. And have understanding of and ability to execute on best practices for web and mobile e-commerce solutions as well as responsive design. Click here to apply.

Follow the links to apply for the above jobs or send your resume, cover letter, required salary (must be included) and your portfolio (if applicable) to attn: Shannon at: For more information, be sure to check out our website. We appreciate your interest in our company!


apple announcement

Apple Announcement – September 9, 2014

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Finally, after months and months of speculation, today was the big day. Apple announced the new iPhone 6/6 Plus and the very first Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch (which is not called an iWatch, contrary to all the rumors) will be available early 2015. Tim Cook says, “This will be the most personable tech piece that we’ve ever created,” mostly because it’s the only actual piece Apple has created that is wearable. Just like an actual iPhone, you will be able to make calls, send text messages, use some apps (Twitter, american Airlines, Starwood, etc.) and keep track of your fitness. Although you have to own a 5 generation iPhone or later to use the Apple Watch, it is the first of it’s kind and may be well worth the wait.

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Topping the list of new and updated features of the iPhone 6/6 Plus is the larger retina display screen, coming in at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. It’s also a thinner, rounder, sleeker version than any of the previous 9 iPhones that have come to service. And lets not forget the best feature of the newer generation of iPhones….the front facing camera burst mode. Creating a sort of rapid-fire selfie, so you have multiple shots to chose from.

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But, why does any of this matter to us at Digital Operative? Besides the fact that we are all tech nerds and like to see the latest and greatest — This new iphone could be of benefit to our clients in the ecommerce space. How so? With the new Apple Pay and a faster processor and internet connection, this could lead to fewer cart abandonments and more instinct purchases…after all with the Apple Pay, you don’t need to go for your wallet or purse to pull out your credit card, it’s all stored in your phone.


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