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Digital Marketing Intern – Sean Hoffman

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It’s that time again where we tap into our series, “12 weeks – what it’s really like to intern for a digital agency”  and welcome our Summer class of digital interns. Over the course of the next 12 weeks we will focus on bringing you a fresh perspective from our Strategy, Marketing and Design interns on what it’s really like to intern at a digital agency. To start we will focus on DO’s Digital Marketing Intern, Sean Hoffman

Hailing from the streets of downtown San Diego, I sleep soundly to airplanes flying over-head. I’m an urbanite and most at home in a city-lit world that never sleeps. It’s like one great conversation is taking place, and I’ve had the pleasure to listen and learn from it. Now I’m feeling adventurous, and thought I’d get in a word.

So here it is: I’m all sorts of excited to be doing the type of work that plays to my passion – writing and all the head-banging that it entails. And being true to my word I plan on learning all that I can.

1. Where do you go to School? What is your Major? When do you plan on graduating?

Who doesn’t want to spend their college years in the safest city in America? I’m a recent graduate of the University of California, Irvine. Our mascot is an anteater and I chose to be an English major. A recipe for success if I ever saw one.

2. How did you hear about Digital Operative?

Between making lattes for the lovely and patient downtown community, I familiarized myself with the digital marketing agencies in my area through Google and LinkedIn. One of the suggestions that popped up was Digital Operative, and after taking a look at their website and blog, I knew I needed to be a part of what they were doing.

3. What do you hope to learn from your internship?

I plan on taking full-advantage of these friendly and devoted professionals and learn everything about content marketing. I want to learn the trade-secrets of creating a brand and honing in on the specifics of turning writing into a campaign.

4. 1 week down – 11 to go……How do you feel after your first week of interning?

Taco Tuesdays should be a national holiday. Tech problems weed out the weak. And I love it here. I don’t feel that I’m doing work, but something far more substantial. I’m developing the necessary skills to make meaningful contributions in a business that I am getting more and more excited about.

5. What do you hope to do after completing your internship and graduating from college?

After this internship, I hope to have made the beginnings of a competitive resume and portfolio that will get me noticed by employers. I can only get so far with a winning personality.

6. Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have sectoral heterochromia. It’s a thing. Look it up.

We are so excited to have Sean as part of our team. Since his first day, he’s been a content creating monster!


Design Intern Out….

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In this post, we will recap Margo’s experience with DO. She started 16 weeks ago (she decided to extended her internship) and wrote about what she hoped to achieve in our series, 12 weeks – what it’s really like to intern for a digital agency. But, unfortunately it’s that time of year again and we have to say “see you later”!  We asked Margo to answer a few questions about her experience and this is what she had to say:

Wow, what an adventure these 12 weeks have been being the design intern. It makes me sad that I have to leave, but all good things come to an end eventually. At least I know I can leave with an awesome new logo, and design for the site, Incubagency. It was a privilege and absolute honor to learn from the best (Brad & Evan)  in creating a website from scratch into a final product. Everyone has been so helpful and the dart wars have been awesome.

1. Now that you’ve completed you internship – How would you define Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing to me is family. They work together, battle together, and create awesome work together. I am excited to see how they grow with their new office in Denver, CO. The role of the designer is crucial, they create a visual and usable product of what the client wants.

2. Who were your mentors at DO and how did you like working with them?

Oh Brad and Evan have been awesome. Couldn’t have asked for some better mentors. I appreciate all they have taught me, given me tips, and some very helpful criticism about the work I have done at DO. They have helped me the most in my growth as a designer. (Of course everyone else who allowed me help with projects, a big thanks to them too!)

3. What did you learn from your internship?

That your original idea never sticks. Working on the Incubagency site has taught me that as the weeks progress so does the work. Looking back there are a lot of steps that have to be taken before you get a final project. Also buy a dart gun, it will save your life. (or a cross bow)

4. Do you still want to go down the same career path? Why/Why not?

Yes, being here at DO has even strengthened my drive going into the design field. I loved being able to create a large project and seeing the process and growth.

5. Would you recommend the internship program to your classmates?

Yes, I would tell any of my classmates to join the internship program. I think DO offers the best experience and opportunity for a someone to grow and get the inside scoop. I mean, I wish I could stay..

6. What were a few of your favorite memories while interning for DO?

Some of my favorite memories would include my weekly meetings for the Incubagency site, hanging out with my fellow interns James and Andrew, and working with Brad and Evan. I have really enjoyed my time here at DO.

7. You’re finished……Now what?

Completing my internship here at DO makes me feel accomplished but sad. I am so use to coming into the office and seeing everyone. But I know I have grown, and I have DO to thank for that. I am so excited to graduate in August and start getting paid for the work that I do. I most definitely I want to go down the same path. I can’t wait to graduate and really get started. Being in the atmosphere I know what I want to do, and I am so excited.

So long Margo, We’ll miss you and your creativity. We know you’re going to be an awesome designer and can’t wait to see what you do after graduating!


Digital Marketing Internship… Complete! What’s next for Kalah?

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In this post, we will recap Kalah’s experience with DO. When she first started 12 weeks ago, she wrote about what she hoped to achieve in our series, 12 weeks – what it’s really like to intern for a digital agency. Unfortunately it’s that time of year again and we have to say “see you later” to Kalah…..Or DO we?!  We asked Kalah to answer a few questions about her experience and this is what she had to say:

Hi again! I’m Kalah and I’ve been the marketing intern at Digital Operative for the past twelve weeks. It’s been an amazing opportunity that I would do over again in a heartbeat. Here’s an inside look on what I’ve been up to during my time here.

1. How would you define Digital Marketing? How was your role crucial to the success of the Agency?

Digital marketing is where the marketing elements and the digital age collide. It uses media channels and electronic devices to promote the marketing tools in a way that’s relevant to people’s lifestyles. I was fortunate enough to assist mostly with content including blogs and materials for websites, but I did get to try a little bit of everything while I was here.

2. Who were your mentors at DO and how did you like working with them?

Everyone at DO is incredibly talented and so many different people helped me throughout my internship. Nikki Johnson was an excellent resource for all things content related. She taught me everything from writing tips to important skills like WordPress. It was also beneficial to be able to work with Alvaro Martinez who gave me great insight into the overall process of working at a digital marketing agency.

3. What did you learn from your internship?

I learned way too much to write about in one blog post. Everyday I would learn new skills, how to use various applications, and what to expect in an agency setting. More importantly, I was able to narrow down the area of marketing that I am interested in pursuing after college. Thanks to this internship I now know that content marketing is my calling and I can’t wait to see where I can go with it.

4. You’re finished… how do you feel about completing your internship?

It’s bittersweet. I’m sad that’s it’s over, but extremely thankful for the opportunity and the agency experience.

5. Do you still want to go down the same career path after you graduate? Why/Why not?

As I mentioned earlier, coming into the internship I had no idea which direction I wanted to go with marketing. Everyone was patient with me as I tried out all the different areas and finally I discovered my passion for content marketing, which I will be striving to make a career out of after graduation.

6. What was your favorite part about working with DO?

Hands down bagel Fridays. Kidding, bagel Fridays were fun but the best thing about interning at Digital Operative was undoubtedly the people. Unlike other internships, the marketing internship at DO was focused on helping me learn and grow. I felt like everyone in the office was extremely generous with their time and guidance to assist me in making the most out of my internship.

7. Would you recommend the internship program to your classmates?

Yes, absolutely.

8. What were a few of your favorite memories while interning for DO?

I had a great time bonding with the other interns. We went on all sorts of expeditions to various restaurants in San Diego as well as Padres games. I also loved how excited everyone in the office got about the World Cup. It was a great atmosphere of friendly competition while rooting for our favorite teams.

9. Now what!? Where do you go next?

Where will I go next? Not far at all actually, just across the room at a desk of my own. After my internship I was offered a twelve week contracting position for one of DO’s new projects. I had such amazing experience with my twelve week internship, that I can’t wait to delve into what’s next!

We are so happy Kalah is sticking around through the Summer and getting paid for it! she still has a year left of school…but, we just didn’t want to see her go!

If you would like to intern at DO, don’t hesitate to send your resume and cover letter to


New Twitter Updates

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Brazil wasn’t the only team that emerged victorious this weekend during the thrilling Brazil vs. Chile World Cup match. Team Twitter walked away with a few “personal best” trophies of their own during the shootout, including a record breaking 389,000 tweets per minute. With well over 600 million users, there’s no denying Twitter has earned its place in the social media hall of fame. Not surprisingly, rather than taking time to bask in its glory, the San Francisco powerhouse is already sprinting towards its next hat trick.

As the classic idiom goes, all good things come in three – especially World Cup goals – but what about Twitter’s three new features? Twitter is introducing three new components to its platform aimed to enhance the user experience and overall business of the company.


“Retweet with Comment” is still in beta testing, but we have high hopes for the potential upgrade. The retweet options Twitter currently employs are a straight “Retweet” of a post or a “Quote Tweet.” While quoting, you only have leftover characters from the original post to communicate your opinions. For example if the tweet you’re quoting uses 135 characters, you have five characters left to express your feelings while keeping it under the 140 character max – thank goodness emojis are impassioned and only take up one character. However, if “Retweet with Comment” is endorsed you’ll have your rightful 140 characters to let your voice be heard, while still quoting the original tweet. That’s right, you’ll be able to make substantial comments with actual words, not just the angry emoji or the heart-eyes emoji – words!


Another exciting feature we can’t wait to take advantage of is Twitter’s newfound support of animated GIFs both online and on mobile devices. Graphics Interchange Formats (GIF) are those cute, moving animations often paired with funny jokes or memes. Laughing and GIFs basically go hand in hand, so we fully support both.

Install App Ads

On the business end of things, Twitter is stepping up its advertisement game. From now on many of the targeted ads you’ll be seeing in the Twittersphere are going to be “install app ads.” The idea behind these ads is that it takes you straight from the ad to the purchase and/or download point, significantly reducing clutter. Companies that choose to advertise with Twitter are offered different payment plans including an option to only pay for the click-through conversions their ads attract. This is great for companies because the investment is presented as an almost guarantee on your financial investment.

The downside to install app ads fall on the user experience. People are typically annoyed with the advertisements embedded in their newsfeeds, regardless of interest or accessibility to the product. Hopefully Twitter continues to put users first and cap the ads people are exposed to, rather than getting greedy and advertisement crazy (cough, Facebook, cough.)

Be sure to follow @TwitterData and us, @DigitalOperativ for the latest Twitter news and updates. And in usual fashion, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you ever need social media or marketing help.


The Content Quadrant

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DO was recently invited to speak at Digital Summit Denver, describing our strategic approach and creative process around content creation for our clients.

The presentation gave us an opportunity to help visualize and, better yet, formalize how we approach content creation for large and small clients alike.

The content strategy for us begins with an assessment of resources and goals. This assessment is guided by what we’ve coined the ‘Content Quadrant,’ which we presented at the Summit. The content quadrant has two axes, one for resources, and one for goals.

Evaluating where a client might sit on the content quadrant would then help guide an array of tactics and themes we revisit throughout the period of engagement.

Once you’ve identified your constraints, you can properly build any of the following elements of your strategy be it personas, user stories, or content guidelines.

In future posts, we will discuss how certain strategies lend themselves to better performance for clients who identify with one of the quadrants.

And please, feel free to join the discussion and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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