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A few weeks ago, Google made the announcement of Alphabet. And marketers began to question what this meant for the future of digital. But, this was just a slight shift to the ever changing Google. Google, a few days ago, announced the change in their logo.

As Google stated, “This isn’t the first time we’ve changed our look and it probably won’t be the last, but we think today’s update is a great reflection of all the ways Google works for you across Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and many others.”

After browsing the internet, I came across this youtube video “Google, evolved” — It’s crazy to think of how much Google has already changed, and where it may end up in the next few years, months, even weeks. Google, not just for marketers but most web users, is the answer to all things. We tell people to “Google it” when looking for an answer, we use ads to market products we know people are looking for, to find directions, or even expanding on reviews we’ve received as a business.


With all the updates, Google constantly makes to its search engine (which makes SEO experts scramble), and new extensions it releases for AdWords, it’s definitely the forefront of all marketers minds. We know that Google will continue to dominate the market, but how will it continue to evolve?

The team at Digital Operative is always keeping up on Google trends and awaiting any and all Google updates. Drop us a line, if you want help with your SEO or Paid media marketing efforts.


Meet The Team: Jessika Sobanski

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Meet Jessika Sobanski:

Jessika Sobanski is Digital Operative’s Director of Project Management. She has been working with the team for over a year and everyday tries to make Digital Operative’s project management process a little better. Along with Project Managing some clients here at Digital Operative, Jessika also teaches. She is a PMP instructor on the side and also just got certified as a dog trainer and works for SmrtDog in Ocean Beach. But, when Jessika isn’t at her desk, you can find her running meetings or throwing her dog, Theodore’s bouncy ball back and forth down the office hallway.

Let’s get to know Jessika a little better with RAPID FIRE:

  • Website You Visit The Most: I think it might be BarkPost these days. They always entice me right into their site: 17 Dogs Out to Ruin Your First-Day-of-School Photos. I’m not even in school, but I am compelled to be forewarned… just in case…
  • iPhone or Android: Android. I’m rocking the Galaxy SIII.
  • Favorite Phone App: Instagram. I love the engagement, kind words and connections. It makes my day.
  • Favorite Industry related Website: Neuromarketing  I’ve always been fascinated by neuroscience. When I was younger I liked studying it on the molecular level (my mom surprised me with a Neuropshychopharmacology book once and it was my fave present). In grad school I did my Instructional Design (educational) research projects by also drawing from psychology, marketing, and other disciplines. If an advertising study can come up with the ideal amount of time text needs to be on screen to be remembered after watching a video, why not use that in designing for education? And now I am part of DO where we specialize in marketing and educating the consumer.
  • If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what site would that be? Hmmm, I would say: YouTube. I came up with this answer because I turn to the web for current information, education, entertainment, healthy lifestyle ideas, and connecting with friends & family. Though not an avid YouTuber now, this would be my answer should you decide to impose this restriction on me.
  • Something you say frequently: *!@$ 
  • First thing you do when you get to the office: I unzip a bag full of fluff. My dog, Theodore, can’t get into his bag fast enough when I ask him to come to work with me.
  • If you could have any job in the world, what would it be: I am not quite sure, but it would involve helping dogs.
  • How Do you take your coffee: In a can… marked “Celsius.” To answer seriously, I unfortunately had to cut back on caffeine, so I tend to get decaf soy cappuccinos these days.
  • Fun Fact about yourself: I was once on an episode of MTV Real High School Stories. I played a lunch lady (sans the hair net, which I was actually disappointed about). I had helped to cast the episode and was asked to take the lunch lady role, so I did, thinking I’d be off in the background somewhere scooping slop (whilst sporting a hair net). As it turns out, guess who cracked the case? Yep, the lunch lady!
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Wake up to puppy cuddles (+ cat cuddles), go do hot yoga with Andre Houle… followed by some time by the pool / hot tub with my daughter Jade.

Meet The Team: Alexa Herrera

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Meet Alexa Herrera:

Alexa Herrera is Digital Operative’s Senior Web Developer. She has been working with the team for over two years and every day makes DO a brighter place to work. Ever since she programmed her first text game at 12 years old, she knew she loved to code. But, It wasn’t until 2010 that she realized she could turn that love into a successful career — She’s been writing code professionally ever since (and for fun of course!), and loving every minute of it. When Alexa isn’t coding in the office, she is foosing it up with the best of ‘em, winning one foosball game at a time!

Let’s get to know Alexa a little better with RAPID FIRE:

  • Website You Visit The Most: Reddit (way too much)
  • iPhone or Android: Android
  • Favorite Phone App: Instagram
  • Favorite Industry related Website: Stackoverflow — it has helped me more times that I can count
  • If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what site would that be? Reddit….of course
  • Something you say frequently: Awesomesauce!
  • First thing you do when you get to the office: Make myself coffee
  • If you could have any job in the world, what would it be: This one!
  • How Do you take your coffee: In Latte form, please!
  • Fun Fact about yourself: I was born in Costa Rica and have lived in 4 different US states
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Hang out with my dog, garden and work on my side projects.

6 Necessary Platforms For eCommerce Success

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As the eCommerce industry continues to grow exponentially and digital commerce becomes increasingly complex, marketers are on the lookout for anything that might make their job a little bit easier. Whether it be simplifying the optimization process or more accurately targeting potential customers, there are many platforms available to maximize your ROI. Rather than sorting through all of your options, we’ve done the work for you and created a list of platforms necessary for your eCommerce success!

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Marin Software

Powering marketing campaigns in more than 160 countries, Marin Software is a cross-channel performance ad platform used to measure, manage, and optimize advertising expenditures across web and mobile devices. With its single dashboard and control panel, users are able to more easily manage search, social, and display campaigns, saving time and ultimately resulting in better decisions. Marin’s sophisticated advertising cloud technology helps its users improve financial performance by targeting profitable audience segments based on consumers’ recent buying signals on search, social, and display.

TL;DR: Why should you use Marin Software?

Marin gives advertisers an aggregate view of ad spend before, during, and after each campaign through making it easier for you to strategically plan your next move and gain valuable insights about your audience.

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For retailers looking to expand their email marketing campaigns, Listrak is the platform to turn to. Listrak is the king of all email marketing, it helps your business create email marketing campaigns that will engage customers and drive sales across channels through its single, integrated digital marketing platform. In 2012, the Ispos Interactive Reid Report stated that 91% of consumers use email once a day and 66% have made a purchase based on an email they received, which just highlights the fact that email marketing campaigns are still alive and kicking in the digital marketing realm. Listrak is a great platform to help your business enhance your email marketing opportunities.

TL;DR: Why should you use Listrak?

Listrak helps marketers maximize the ROI of digital marketing campaigns. Its sophisticated platform assists you with capturing, interpreting, and using your customer data to grow your business and really click with your customers.

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Criteo is the global leader in performance display with over $430 billion sales transactions and 740 billion ads served in 2014. Criteo works with internet retailers to serve personalized online display ads to consumers that have previously visited the advertiser’s website. Generating millions of high quality leads everyday, Criteo can help your eCommerce business succeed by generated ads that are consistent with the products and services that your customers are searching for, increasing your ROI and helping you understand your audience better.

TL;DR: Why should you use Criteo?

Criteo’s retargeting technique helps advertisers succeed by focusing on high value customers most likely to convert. By measuring the return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to track.

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With clients such as Disney and Starbucks, Optimizely is certainly making a dent in the website optimization industry. Optimizely is an easy-to-use website optimization platform that provides powerful A/B and multivariate testing. Users are able to test variations of their websites on live traffic and gather immediate, valuable results. Utilizing Optimizely will help you realize the power of data driven decision-making and will further help your company reach their goals.

TL;DR: Why should you use Optimizely?

Optimizely provides marketers with actionable data based on multivariate and A/B testing as well as visitor insights. This makes it easier for marketers to make data-driven decisions to increase engagement, interactions, and conversions.

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Hoping to create a more personalized shopping experience for your online customers? Consider Reflektion – a predictive analytics platform provider that helps retailers improve customer conversion rates. Offering personalized site search and product recommendations, Reflektion recognizes the importance of each individual shopper’s experience. By focusing on each respective customer, Reflektion’s clients have seen a 26% average increase in revenues. Perhaps the best part of Reflektion’s services is that they are able to transform your commerce system without any large-scale changes to your website and will have you up and running in a week!

TL;DR: Why should you use Reflektion?

By presenting your customers with personalized site search, product recommendations, and mobile compatibility, Reflektion increases your ROI while simultaneously improving customer experience.

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Employed by some of the best known brands in the world such as Godiva and Best Buy, Monetate helps its clients increase sales by delivering personalized customer experiences that drive customer conversion rates. Monetate’s comprehensive product suite allows marketers to identify your most profitable customer segments and deliver personalized shopping experiences for them across all channels. In addition to personalization, Monetate’s optimization and merchandising services make it easy for you to drive online revenue and react to your customers in real time.

TL;DR: Why should you use Monetate?

Monetate allows marketers to create, test, and deploy an unlimited amount of personalized digital experiences with little need for IT resources. Basically, Monetate helps brands grow revenue faster by being faster.

eCommerce is booming and we want you to be prepared! Check out any of these sites to help you achieve eCommerce success and drop us a line if you need help with any of your conversion optimization needs!


Alphabet (1)

A Is For… Alphabet

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Since it became public in 2004, Google has remained on the cutting edge in its industry. By first revolutionizing how internet searches are done, then by introducing countless products such as Google Maps and Google Apps, Google has undoubtedly “changed the game” when it comes to all things tech and digital. Therefore, it was huge news when the tech giant announced this week that it would be restructuring its business and would now be a business subsidiary under a holding company called “Alphabet”.

When a company as influential as Google makes an announcement like this, it is inevitable that businesses everywhere will be wondering how this restructuring will affect them. So how does this affect us as digital marketers?

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What Is Alphabet?

First off, it is important to clarify what exactly Alphabet is. Basically, Google renamed itself “Alphabet” and created a subsidiary business called “Google.” It seems that Google will continue to be the same brand we all know and love, running products we are familiar with including Search, Android, Maps, YouTube, and Google Apps. Alphabet will also be the holding company to many other companies such as Calico and and Google X. Each business will have its own CEO and they will all report to the Alphabet CEO, (former Google CEO) Larry Page. Google’s new CEO is Sundar Pichai, who joined the Google team in 2004.

Alphabet was created to both satisfy investors and add more transparency to Google business. This new structure will separate Google’s “side projects” from Search, which generates 90% of Google’s profits from advertising. As a result, investors will have a better understanding of how Google’s “side projects” are performing and will allow Google to focus more energy into Search. And it seems that investors are happy. Alphabet shares are up 4% since the announcement.

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What Does This Mean For Digital Marketers?

This announcement had digital marketers everywhere worried about how this would change the future digital landscape. And we are happy to tell you that there is nothing to worry about! Right now, it seems that Search is stable and we shouldn’t see any huge shifts in the digital world. However, it’s important to remember that Google is notorious for constantly changing and improving, and we should expect the same from Alphabet.

Not only do digital marketers have nothing to worry about in the short-term, but this new structure could actually improve Search in the long-term! The separation of companies, each with its own CEO, will probably result in Search getting even more attention than it is now. After all, the organizational restructuring was designed to improve efficiency and accountability. Search has always been a core focus for Google and it is highly possible that it was even one of the driving forces behind the organization’s restructuring.  As a result, SEO specialists and digital marketers may see an improvement in their user experience as Google becomes more responsive and adaptive.

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All in all, the future looks positive for digital marketers after Google’s “Alphabet” announcement. We encourage you to check out Alphabet’s new site at and drop us a line if you need any help with your search engine optimization needs!

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