April 13, 2015 By Danielle,
This year on April 24 Apple Watches will take over wrists and ecommerce markets worldwide. Described as the most personal device yet, the watch has features that focus and connect specifically to you. This opens the door for a wide range of new experiences and connectedness. But what does this mean for marketers and businesses? It means the game just got a lot more personal.


These modernized watches allow you to send friends sketches, your heartbeat, and a tap, the watch learns and displays your daily activity, suggests fitness goals, presents you the time, and allows you to personalize your watch through their collection of unique designs. With all of these cool features available, the only downside is that users need an iPhone to use the watch to its full capability.

Great Potential

With Apple Pay, the Watch is changing the way we are thinking about shopping. It’s already available to use with an iPhone, but Apple Pay on the Watch is made for even easier convenience and accessibility to your credit card. When purchasing an item all you have to do is double-click the side button, place the Watch’s screen in front of the scanner, and voila! You will feel a light tap to confirm the payment was sent. [caption id="attachment_8504" align="alignnone" width="1157"]Image via apple.com Image via apple.com[/caption] There is also a lot of speculation about the future possibilities of the Watch. Since you can let your Apple products know where your location is, people are expecting location based marketing to be the next big thing. So if you are walking downtown past a pizza place, you would feel a tap on your wrist of a coupon you could use at this specific restaurant. This is incredible for businesses because phones are usually in your pocket or in the depths of your purse but the watch is always in sight, making the users experience that much more personal. The Apple Watch adds so much potential to ecommerce since it’s wearable technology, this provides easier access for users and the internet is literally on their wrist. The Watch is always in sight so notifications on promotions or any marketing offers will instantly reach the consumer.


With any new products marketers need to adapt their strategy and content to the device. The Watch has a small screen and isn’t used the same way an iPhone or iPad would be used, meaning marketers will have to develop a new plan for the notification’s timing and tone, as well as sizing for their apps or online sites. Marketers and businesses will have to take into consideration that the Watch is constantly being worn; they don’t want to overload the user or make them more dependent on technology, so whether that is lessening the amount of notifications or reducing content, they will need to develop a new perspective for their marketing plans. Being present on multiple platforms is difficult, but with the potential for businesses on the Apple Watch, it’s definitely worth the extra work. If you’re interested in growing your business’s ecommerce, contact us or check out our marketing team’s services.

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